Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fast Forward

We've been a little delinquent on our posts but rest assured...all is well with Lil' Langley. In fact, it's been a pretty action-packed couple of weeks. Since our last post, we've vacationed in Florida where we got to attend Reilly's second birthday party while hanging out with the Harris' (great shot of Lil' Langley and Lil' Harris hanging out) and Eggers'.

Just this past weekend Lil' Langley had it's Northern California baby shower. There was excellent food, great friends and games. In fact everyone decorated a personal onsie for Lil' Langley. Check them out they are so adorable.

This weekend will be our last trip to San Diego before the baby arrives in which we look forward to spending some time with family and friends and also having our Southern California shower...can't have enough stuff for the baby. We thank everyone for their generosity!

39 days and counting!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Entering the Home Stretch!

This week marks the beginning of week 28, the 7th month/3rd trimester. Baby, mom and dad are all still doing well. Just getting used to the rapidly changing feelings the baby creates and the size of mom growing each day. The books tell us that the baby is just under 16" long and weighs around 2 lbs and 9 oz (the weight of a one liter bottle of soda pop).

Here is a picture taken this past weekend in Napa. It's not a great belly shot but it's the most recent one we have. We'll try and get another in soon.

81 days and counting....

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Down to the Double Digits!

It's hard to believe but we have made the move from triple to double digits...that's right, only 98 days and counting till the due date. Lil' Langley has been very active over the past week, kicking constantly, especially when mom is at work. It's a little distracting but fun. It's also been causing mom some crazy heart burn, which they say means the baby will have lots of hair. If anyone can explain that connection to us we're all ears ;-) We'll see in 98 days!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

24 Weeks!

We spent the weekend in the old stomping grounds of S.F. Took the family to a whisky tasting event on the San Francisco Belle. Amongst the libations were great food, company and scenery, which is evident from these pictures. Jenique and Lil' Langley posing in front of the bridge is a great shot. We also got a couple "surprises" this weekend. The first was when Grandpa Langley was taking the picture on the left and said "say cheese, mom and dad!" That one through us for a bit of a loop. The second was when a friend did a trick to determine the sex of the baby. It came up two girls (not at the same time of course), but that we would have two daughters during our life! All the while we've thought it was a boy so this adds an interesting twist to the guessing game. Stay tuned until mid-July when the mystery will be solved.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Baby's Growing

As Jenique's belly grows so too does the reality that we will be parents soon! It's hard not to start thinking more about what our baby will look like (let's all hope like it's mother), if it will be a chill baby that doesn't fuss much (doubt that), or heck, we wonder if we have a boy or girl in there. Lots of people are thinking boy, including us, but we've heard stories about people not picking another name before going to the hospital. Then guess what happens? It turns out to be the exact opposite of what they were thinking. And as much as Brad likes to think he can tell from the profile shot in the ultrasound, let's be honest...not possible. So we'll definitely have both boys and girls names figured out beforehand! We'll have an updated picture of Jenique and her growing belly by the weekend. So check back in.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Before and After

We look forward to the before and after shot on this one...a great ultrasound pic we didn't expect. 17 weeks and counting.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Starting to Show

They say that you don't show as early in your first pregnancy. Though you can't really tell that from this picture! Just kidding sweetheart ;) You look fabulous! Here is a shot of mom and what Lil' Langley looks like growing inside her at 20 weeks...the half way mark (can I just say again, holy crap!)